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„… exquisite voice and incredibly catchy arrangements ... spinning wheel provides you with many enjoyable hours of listening and maybe even a little dancing!“ (GreenManReview, US)

"... delicate arrangements and with a special ethereal vibe. The vocals are sublime and the instrumentals are absolutely wonderful." (Heart Beat Records, US)
"I absolutely love the delicacy of the vocals and the instrumentals are gorgeous." (Heartbeat, Spotify Curator, UK)
"... amazing voice, spacious arrangement, soaring melodies and an overall very nice natural vibe." (Putumayo World Music Label, US)
"... a stunning atmospheric album featuring very clear and passionate vocals. " (Zoe Konez, Spotify Curator, UK)
"... I feel completely drawn in, the vocals in this song are absolutely beautiful." (Lexi Brooks, Spotify Curator, US)
"Your vocals are dazzling, I particularly enjoyed the simple backing to allow them to shine and take centre stage. This is really interesting music and something so totally unique. " (Shona Oliver, Spotify Curator, UK)
"... I was captured by the warm and elegant voice, very expressive and touching and the subtle guitar accompaniment." (Raighes Factory, IT)
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