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 "The three competent musicians belong to the topmost addresses of the Austro-Irish scene.“
accordeon is widely used in celtic folk music

vocals, accordion, irish harp, percussion, tin whistle

the nyckelharpa originates from swedish folk music

wooden flute, tin whistle, irish drum, nyckelharpa
guitar in open tuning

guitar, bouzouki, whistles, vocals
Band History
The band history is as colourful as the music we perform.
The story of Spinning Wheel began more than fifteen years ago at Austria's LARP, medieval fair and show-fight scene, where we met. Another big influence came from celtic fantasy-rock fusion and movie soundtracks, and, most notably, the Viennese Irish folk-music scene. We still like to hang out at sessions occasionally. Up until the present day the band has published five CDs. Read about the making of the latest CD "The Maid on the Shore" here.

 „ … technically brilliant Irish music, leisurely arranged with a great love of detail.“
Celtic Music
The musical inspiration of Spinning wheel has several sources:
First, there is irish folk music - we appreciate it for its straightforward and unspoilt nature as well as its homespun sound character. Then there is Celtic culture, which can be found dotting the map of whole European continent.
Storytelling, too, is very relevant to us. Celtic songs, Irish ones especially tell of love and loss, laughter and crying, of human greatness and weakness, of birth and death. With our music, we seek to make these stories, the roots of our society come to life.
Other ingredients of our music are mysticism and magic. We tell of enchantments and talking animals and dig out the roots of magic spells. The spinning wheel as a motif symbolises many of our musical ideas and wishes. The sound of a spinning wheel has for many generations been associated with calm, reflection, winter, stories and magic.

Booking Info:  0043 - (0)680 / 212 51 78
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